What we do

We support children and youth to reach their full potential!

We support and encourage young people who are interested in developing their sporting skills and education. We reach out to people in need of basic supplies and help such as food, clothing and shelter.


We offer scholarships to promising individuals and help nurture them to achieve their dreams.

We Sensitize

Discussing with government on the ways in which the needs of todays’ athletes, coach, volunteers ad families members.

Platorm Development

Developing joint platforms to provide counseling and advise to young athletes in their careers

We Consult

We run small-scale consulting for underprivileged children, youth and government

We Employ

We run organizations where we employ youngsters so they can live their dreams for themselves and their families.

We Strengthen

We believe that education, and employment gives people an inner strength to lead a better life.

What we care for

We look out for young people in the society

We have organize competitions for children and youth where their talents could be revealed for the world to see.

A new future for our youth

Awards and certificate of participation are presented to the outstanding athletes in the events that Fsofoundation organizes.

Bringing dreams within reach for children

The underprivileged children do not have access to required financial help and resources needed to live the life of their dreams. We help them with everything they’ll need to live their dreams.